I have this perhaps familiar dilemma: I only have a limited amount of time, I can either use it to exercise or to write. 

As a writer, my head is filled with ideas screaming to be made into electrons on my computer. But I have a full time business (not woodcarving) to run. So my time for the 'fun stuff' is limited. I need to exercise: exercise helps banish many ills, depression, for one. Writing helps banish others: insanity for one.

So what do I do with such a choice? Why nothing, of course. I'm overwhelmed with depression and craziness. I'm immobilized.

Well, one way or another, I've decided that I will write and exercise my way out of this. I'm not going to allow myself the opportunity to make a choice of an open slot of time. Rather, I will make these things that I must do for my health and sanity ongoing tasks that simply have to get done. This is going to be my summertime experiment. You'll get to see my progress here, as blogging more frequently is one of the ways I'll be writing more. It's also a matter of credibility. I've also signed up for an exercise program, so I'm committed to that as well. If I make public that I am going to do something, tell it to someone beyond myself, the commitment is all that much stronger. So that is what I am doing here.

Here I go!